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  1. Textile Exports Rise 40% in Jiangsu
    In the first quarter of 2011, $910 million worth of textile products such as such yarns, fabrics, garments and accessories of woven interlining, non-woven interlining and fusible interlining, was exported from Jiangsu to the global market, which is an increase of 40% compared with the same period of last year, according to local custom house.

  2. Losses by Cotton Price Volatility in Interlining Industry
    Interlining manufacturers in China suffered hard time by increasing labor cost and Yuan appreciation. Despite of this, the cotton price volatility has subjected them to massive losses, which resulted in an even harder situation.

  3. Interlining Source to Attract More Overseas Talents
    Interlining Source Limited launched a mid-term plan to attract more overseas talents, in the hope of strengthening the company’s core competitive edges in the interlining industry.

  4. Top Investment Destinations in China: Chengdu and Chongqing
    With the Chinese government’s strategy to develop the western regions, Chengdu & Chongqing are among top investment destinations in China, shared by Sam Lee from Interlining Source Limited.

  5. Economic Restructuring, the Biggest Challenge to the Manufacturing Industries in China
    The current biggest challenge in China is not inflation but maintaining sustainable growth by shifting its economic structure, a famous economist pointed out this Monday.

  6. How to Apply the Bergen Brunswig’s Model to Develop Customer Success in Interlining Industry
    A proper application on Bergen Brunswig’s model will help achieve supply chain success and developing customer success, with the fusion of information technology and leadership collaboration from both parties.

  7. Food Price Surge Ease but What about the Cash Corps for Interlining Industry in China
    The trend of food price surged in the past couple of months. This is also true to the cash corps for the interlining industry.

  8. Rising Labor Shortage Hits the Interlining Industry in China
    The labor shortage has impact these industries since this spring, due to the increasing living costs and stagnant salaries, according to Sam Lee, the Managing Director in Interlining Source Limited.

  9. How to Maintain Inventory Control in the Interlining Industry
    Of all aspects that threat to a business success, the most influential one is, perhaps, the waste. There are a variety ways to couple with waste. One of these is inventory control, from a supply chain management point of view.

  10. Seven Ways to Strengthen Customer Relationships in the Interlining Industry
    There are a lot of ways to market your company in the world. Some companies may focus on advertising, branding building, online marketing etc. Of all methods to market the company, the most effective of all is, perhaps, strengthen customer relationships. This is true in the interlining industry.

  11. Reducing Product Defects in the Interlining Industry
    With the improvement on reducing product defects, an interlining manufacturer may gain auxiliary benefits, such as lowering costs and increasing productivity, which finally turn into saving money in the business.

  12. A Successful Business Model of the Future in the Interlining Industry
    One-brand Non Wovens Group, a leading interlining manufacturer in China, has announced that they founded Interlining Source Limited to deliver interlining sourcing solution to their customers.

  13. Ways to Ensure Quality Control on Interlining Products
    In the interlining industry, most suppliers strive for their own production of a level of quality control in every product category. There are a lot of different ways or measures to ensure the quality of interlining merchandises, ranging from the actual product performance itself to the physical composition components of the product.

  14. On-Time Delivery in Interlining Industry
    The current interlining industry is already in an era of fierce competition. Under this circumstance, interlining suppliers focus on various aspects to win interest from their customers. Of all the factors that attract the customer’s loyalty to a manufacturer, the most influential of all is, perhaps, consistent on-time delivery of their orders.

  15. Lowering Costs in the Interlining Industry
    There are so many business strategies go in to making your company run and be successful. One aspect that is very important in a successful business model is making sure that your company is being run efficiently, so is that in the interlining industry.

  16. The Basic Principle of Matching Clothing Interlining
    Lining fabric to set off to improve the feel and drape to make clothing with perfect shape. Interlining is a woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric for the fabric, use (or not use) thermoplastic polymer xing, specially for a special finishing machine, the inner layer of clothing to play for the reinforcement, and rough role with fabric glue (or non-bonding) of special clothing accessories.

  17. Hair Interlining of the Ironing Process
    View results from wear, clothing sub-suits, casual wear, fashion three categories. Are installed straight, strict, strong outline shape, the thick fabric selection bias that many options to use wool, blending, chemical fiber fabrics, in the production process, often hair interlining to thicken with a large area, shape, in order to achieve the required modeling results.

  18. Essentials of Selecting Hair Interlining
    Lining fabric to set off to improve the feel and drape to make clothing with perfect shape. Another local site is to use the garment hair interlining with the role of reinforcement.

  19. Basic Classification and Characteristics of Garment Interlining
    Clothing lining is a part of the clothes inside the cloth, can play a supporting role stereotyping and tension, so that the effect of pretty clothes to flat. Lining of the classification of many commonly used classification of the following methods.

  20. What is an interlining
    Interlining is similar to batting, a thick layer of fiber designed to provide insulation, loft, and body to quilts, pillow toppers, and heavy winter jackets.
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